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In San Francisco, a security guard was convicted for posing as a police officer and sexually assaulting American immigrants. According to authorities, the man who was identified as Bugai preyed on at least five recent immigrants between 2008 and 2014. The fake cop threatened his victims that they would be deported if they ever talked about the attacks. The Supreme Court found him guilty of 18 felony counts and he was convicted of charges including forcible oral copulation, sexual battery by restrain and use of anesthesia in order to commit sexual acts and false imprisonment. Bugai was sentenced to 65 years to life in state prison.

I once had an altercation with this person that decided that they could consistently park in my spot that I was paying for. I kept asking them to move their car and trying to explain to them that I actually rented that spot. Nothing seemed to work, so eventually I called a tow truck driver and had the car removed. I have to admit, it sure was funny watching that person begging the tow truck driver to take the car off of the truck, all to no avail. You know what they say about karma.

A soldier was on a mission in Vietnam where his father was shot in the head. Every soldier thought that he was dead, so they loaded the body into a back of a hum. His father was on the top of the stack. While the soldiers were having fun on tour of booties, his father woke up screaming. The two guys woke up from their sleep screaming and ran out of the moving vehicle because they were scared. The father said that he had lost some of his memory from his tour. Luckily no one injured.

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